We create Messenger chatbots for non-profits and social enterprises, to help them share information and raise vital funds.

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Our team will work with you to help you choose an approach that suits your cause. Do you want your Messenger chatbot to be educational and informative? Would you like to create a story that users can follow and interact with? Or perhaps you would prefer a simple flow with important links and a donation prompt. Each chatbot is created as a custom build to suit your brand's voice, strategy and objectives.


We will monitor your analytics and flows and optimise according to the behaviour of your users. This allows us to create automations that are easy to use, helpful and effective.




Users engaging with your Messenger chatbot will be educated about your cause and have the information they need to take action. The ability to donate easily within Messenger encourages users at the ideal time and reduces friction, increasing conversions and vital funds.



More than 20 billion messages are exchanged between businesses and people every month on Facebook Messenger.

Marketing through Messenger leads to 10 - 80x better engagement than via organic Facebook newsfeed posts.

With Messenger you can:

Take payments and donations directly within the chat

Save user information within an easy to use database

Answer FAQs and send links automatically, freeing up time

Share important information, teach people about your cause and tell stories to highlight the impact of your work




Here at Rise, we are passionate about making a difference. We want to use our Messenger expertise to help great causes.


As a social enterprise, we are working towards three social impact outcomes:

  • To increase awareness of sustainable projects

  • To educate the public about actions they can take to make a difference

  • To raise funds for non-profits

We are a member of Work for Good and we donate 20% of our fees to a UK charity selected by our clients.

We then reinvest 50% of our profits into achieving our social impact outcomes.

Let's rise together to make the world a better place.